Success in this context means an attempt in achieving superior competitive advantage whilst creating more value and gaining a good reputation over the usability aspect of the mobile web platforms. As a result, conducting a user research is now something that most successful brands across the world strive to improve user experience practice and ultimately their bottom line. User experience practice is increasingly becoming a critical factor to improve efficiencies and productivity for sustainable and profitable businesses.

User research is forever evolving and continuously improving user experience practice across different industries – monitoring business touchpoints, seamlessly using omnichannel approaches. This includes providing regular insights into user behaviour, interaction, and managing expectations a fast-changing pace of the digital world of open source ecosystem.

We are now living in a new world order defined by value creation as a measure of business success driven by data-driven business models. The lack of adopting user experience practice when bringing products to the marketplace is sometimes viewed as the reasons start-ups and small businesses are unable to sustain their businesses over a longer term. Through the adoption of user research as a new discipline, start-ups and small businesses can improve efficiencies whilst create a new revenue stream and reduce costs of production.

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