Improving the understanding of how start-ups and small businesses successfully deploy and manage new products and services – consistently throughout the technology lifecycle by adopting user-centred design (UCD) or user-driven development (UDD) framework, is what defines excellence within the new business development cycles.

This is driven by open source ecosystem, best practices, and strategies implemented by SMMEs at various levels of business touchpoints and integrated seamlessly across communication channels in honour of business excellence in the marketplace.

User research institute recognises excellence in digital products, and services, which aims to bring valuable lessons from the leading organisations and institutions of mastery in user experience practice. This includes collaborating and learning from global experts, coaches and mentors, which are selected for their design excellence and top-notch leadership qualities in this new area of user research discipline. The key focus areas are skills development, and working through a series of various technology disciplines – covering: user research, interactive design and development platforms, prototyping, piloting, testing, user interface and user experience design.

The world’s top brands have long adopted user experience design excellence, recognising consumer products and digital services that offer important levels of differentiation from their competitors. User experience design excellence includes proving product and service differentiation, convenience and preferences from every aspect of industry disciplines, working together to achieve a common goal. To achieve unparalleled user experience design excellence, collaboration is required between researchers, innovators, designers, developers, engineers, scientists, and experienced professionals to build a core foundation of business excellence.

Making mobile web platforms simpler, cheaper and faster to deploy can significantly decrease time to market while improving the user experience of new products, services and applications across various business environments.

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