Welcome to the world of User Research for SMMEs within the developing Economies. We hope you will enjoy our journey towards creating User Research community for the SMMEs marketplace. User Research Institute is made up of motivated individuals who are passionate about the area of user experience practice. These are independent thinkers who have adopted User Research as an emerging discipline in revolutionalising traditional business models to create superior advantages for new businesses. This is all about disruptive innovations whilst exploiting open source ecosystem for the development of the 21st-century economy within the developing nations.

User Research Institute is led by Thembayena Mgozi, a Tech Hobbyist who is passionate about an open source digital ecosystem. Thembayena is a seasoned ICT professional with solid experience designing, developing and evaluating user experience, the usability aspects of digital products including conducting research and innovations across multiple geographies, diverse sectors and organisations.

The fundamental goal of User Research Institute is to understand the User Experience in a variety of industry sectors and environments, to provide research findings to the SMMEs business community. We aim to provide the SMMEs with actionable feedback about their businesses. We use research tools and techniques to observe user’s behaviour when interacting with mobile web platforms. The main purpose is to understand user’s preferences and motivations to help deliver the best experience possible to the SMMEs marketplace.

The core mandate of User Research Institute focuses on three important aspects, such that to:

  • Unearth raw talent in research and innovation.
  • Empower SMMEs from the developing nations with effective and affordable services.
  • Help new entrants to the business understands and practice User Experience Design concepts and methodologies.

Our Culture

User Research Institute embraces a culture of self-discipline, perseverance, endurance, strength, diligence, courage, determination, and dedication. We don’t work hard, we play hard and have more fun. This is a whole new world of Tech Hobbyists and experienced professionals who are passionate about the area of user experience design philosophy. Our game plan for success – value created to transform SMME marketplace within the developing nations.

Building Blocks of Achieving Superior Efficiency
To excel in today’s radical digital transformation, there are four building blocks that we believe must be adopted by SMMEs business community to ensure a superior competitive advantage against well-established counterparts. These building blocks are Usability, Success, Excellence, and Reliability.

USABILITY: Usability which is the first of the four building blocks measures how effectively users can utilise an intended mobile web platform to achieve their goals, which is to run a sustainable and profitable business.  To learn more about usability aspects of User Research click here.

SUCCESS: We are now living in a new world order defined by value creation as a major of business success driving by higher productivity and reduced costs. As a result, success being the second building block in achieving superior competitive advantage is an attempt to create more value and gain a good reputation over the usability aspect of the mobile web platform. To learn more about success as a measure towards value creation for SMMEs, click here.

EXCELLENCE: The third building block is EXCELLENCE, aimed at improving the understanding of how SMMEs successfully deploy business excellence (BE) through the adoption of user experience design philosophy. To learn about the development aspects of excellence is User Research click here.

RELIABILITY: The goal of User Research Foundation is to ensure that the results and findings of user research sessions are as impartial as possible to provide a reliable guidance to the SMMEs community. To learn more about the reliability aspects of User Research, click here.

By adopting the above four basic building blocks, the SMME community can lower costs and achieve differentiation against their counterparts. User Research Institute strives to generate significant research leading to publications, patents, and funding of high-tech startup enterprises within the developing economies. In addition, the Institute will serve as a training resource for the youth passionate about technology and innovations from multiple disciplines such as in healthcare, education and agriculture.

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